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Neue regelmäßige Veranstaltungsreihe der Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck zu verschiedenen Themen rund ums Energiesparen in priv. Haushalten. Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an Besitzer von...



"Alessandro Conte Cagliostro - ein Scharlatan erobert Europa - Cagliostros Leben und Umtriebe in ihrer Widerspiegelung im literarischen Weimar um 1790", Dr. Siegfried Seifert, Weimar

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Gewerbe_Ost im besseren DetailPößneck's industry consists of small and medium-sized enterprises which operate in diverse sectors of business. Pößneck's advantage as a location for business is its central position in the Middle German area with a well developed infrastructure and traffic network. The well balanced collection and structure of industries in Pößneck and the Orla Dip (Orlasenke) can be the basis for business and supply cooperations and resulting synergetic effects. As the valley's vibrant centre, Pößneck focuses all its power on being successful on tomorrow's markets.

Pößneck offers a well established infrastructure with an area-wide and complete coverage of general-education schools, vocational and special schools as well as further education facilities.

IDas Gewerbegebiet Lutschgen im besseren Detailn addition to being an excellent centre for business and being the home to well trained, highly qualified and motivated employees, the city offers pleasant living conditions in a charming scenery with a wide variety of leisure activities for tourists and locals ranging from cultural exhibitions to sports facilities and events. In every aspect, the investors' support can be relied on.

Now, our aim is to focus and to increase all these strengths to support young and innovative companies by investing in research and development. The atmosphere and lifestyle in Pößneck and the surrounding countryside is characterized by people's courage and determination to pursue their goals and to address today's complex issues while keeping the future in mind. Preserving and encouraging this attitude will be our aim for the future; we confidently accept the challenges that it has in store for us.

Andreas Deißel,  Wirtschaftsfoerderer

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