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Culture + Tourism + Sports

Altenburg_kleinThe people of Pößneck really are fond of books. Every day a printery pours out so many books that they – put together in one long row – would form a bookworm with the length of 18 kilometres. And there’s a good place for reading them: The town library called Bilke, which has been awarded the Thuringian prize for the protection of historical monuments after it was appealingly remodelled in 2007.

The wide variety of the city’s cultural events, however, covers more than just readings and exhibitions. Worth a visit, for instance, is the town museum inside the beautiful, late Gothic town hall as well as the God’s Acre Church (Gottesackerkirche). Above that, town hall concerts and organ performances are as popular as Pößneck’s traditional events: The so called pretzel-day or the nationwide unique Festival of Lights (Lichterfest) , which is celebrated on Christmas Eve, are as much part of the city’s attractions as events organized by various societies as well as leisure activities for kids and young adults.

But that’s not it yet. Pößneck owns the oldest indoor swimming pool of Thuringia. Here, junior swimmers train for international contests, and members of the German National Underwater Rugby Team exercise. Also, the Motocross Club of Pößneck regularly hosts the German Championships. In addition to all that, the successful sculptor Robert Diez was born here in 1844. He later taught Ernst Barlach in Dresden.

Beautiful manufacturers’ mansions situated along the city’s hills are proof of the town’s industrial period of prosperity.

All around Pößneck, forests and gently rolling hills are perfect places for riding, golf, hiking, and cycling. Not far from the city, the water reservoirs of the river Saale regularly attract many tourists. These gigantic constructions are among the biggest and most beautiful water reservoirs throughout Europe. Visitors more interested in geological aspects will find Germany’s most significant Zechstein-reefs here. Also, nature lovers will be fond of the natural park Brandenstein with its bison preserves and the Thuringian Center for the Protection of Endangered Species. For those who are not satisfied yet, the Fairy Grottoes a few kilometres outside Pößneck are worth a visit. They contain the most colourful stalactite cave grottoes in the world.

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