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Social affairs and education

As the largest town in the Saale-Orla-District, Pößneck aims to be appealing for its citizens. For the people living in the surrounding area it is already highly appreciated for its wide spectrum of facilities in the social and educational sector. The initiators of the Family Alliance (Pößnecker Familienbündnis) founded in 2007 do their best to make this reputation last.

Eight day-care centres individually offer an independent care concept and therefore provide best requirements for child care. So far, the city has successfully been able to offer children a place in a day centre even if their parents had no legal claim – a fact Pößneck is very proud of.

Educational possibilities range from three primary schools, a regular school, a state-run regional support centre and a grammar school to two music schools and a governmental career development centre, a private Euro-School as well as an education centre for adults.

The multi-generation house - Leisure Centre Pößneck (Mehrgenerationenhaus-Freizeitzentrum Pößneck e. V.) offers a variety of free time activities for children, young adults and senior citizens. The Youth Club in the city centre supported by the educational association Blitz e. V. provides a variety of activities for young adults to be creative.

Elderly people as well as people with physical handicaps also find excellent living conditions in Pößneck. Besides several seniors' meeting places, assisted living is being offered in a beautifully situated, former manufacturer’s mansion. Apart from that, nursing homes are a frequently used alternative. Thanks to Pößneck's hospital as well as to quite a number of established doctors, the medical attendance in the city is good. Physiotherapy and wellness programs complete the broad range of offers.

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