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"A nourishing town," - that’s what Goethe wrote in his diary about Pößneck on his first visit to this town nearly 200 years ago. Pößneck, which had first been mentioned in official records in the year 1324, has remained a lovely small town until today. The biggest town in the Orla Dip (Orlasenke) has a lot to offer its visitors: a late Gothic town hall with the town museum, a marketplace with a well, a Gothic town church, the remains of the former town fortification with the White Tower (an observation tower) and the Bell Tower, the God’s Acre Church (an event and exhibition place), the Well of the Geese Thief (Gänsediebbrunnen) and lovingly fixed town houses and half-timbered houses…

An event in the year 2000 particularly influenced the town's development in a positive way: the 1. Thuringian Garden Festival (1. Thüringer Landesgartenschau). Not only did Pößneck receive lasting green areas, but its city and the market had also been restored. The former gray and dull Cattle Market (Viehmarkt) with its listed industrial buildings became Pößneck's "green lung" and now fits harmonically into the townscape. Jüdewein, the "village within the town" has returned to its original character, and with the Lutschgenpark, Pößneck even received its own town park.

StadtkircheA fifteen minutes drive from Pößneck, there is the gorgeous leisure and hiking area around the Hohenwarte reservoir. You can also hike and cycle in the heath north of Pößneck with its marked hiking trails that spread for many miles.

We offer versatile leisure activities and fun for the whole family: an indoor and open air swimming pool, tennis courts, a beach-volleyball facility, a skater-park and a climbing wall, a keep-fit trail, bowling alleys, a fitness studio, a nature studies path, hiking trails… a town and a brewery museum, library, a leisure centre for kids and young adults and many more.

Come and visit our traditional events and festivals such as the Easter Walk, moto-cross in May, the pretzel-day of Pößneck's children in June, the brewery festival in August, the town festival and the international ADAC-Castrol-Rallye in September, the Festival of Lights on 24th December as well as various concerts in the town hall and exhibitions, music events in the Lutschgenpark and in the Shedhalle near the former Cattle Market (Viehmarkt), the Pößneckian pub night or Michael Grosse's readings - to name only a few.

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